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Questions and Answers

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  • Last updated:2023-02-23
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entrance pictureRecently our prison often receives phone calls from outsiders or inmates’ families who enquire about: What are the conditions of imprisonment in our prison, or what are all policies of all kinds of rehabilitation, or whether the public could employ our inmates as labourers? Some people even ask about whether it is possible to develop lands with our prison, have “Industry Cooperation,” or whether some people would like to apply to visit our prison, or whether some factories could sign cooperative contracts with our prison, or about possible contracts at our prison, etc. There are all kinds of different questions. Due to this, our prison presets all sorts of ‘Questions’ and ‘Answers’ to provide ‘convenient service for the public.’ When our web visitors could not find out sufficient detail on our website about the ‘Question,’ we ask them to give us a phone call to inform us of this insufficiency. Our main service line is (06) 578-3498; then dial the extension number of each department or office or directly dial the telephone numbers of the related department or office. (Please find the telephone numbers on our webpage called ‘Contact us’ in the ‘Public Service’ section). Thank you very much!

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