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About 'Questions and Answers' for the General Affairs Section

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  • Last updated:2018-12-26
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Q 1:How to remit money to inmates?
You can mail money orders, or cash. Or before meeting the inmate, you can deposit your money by registering your money for transfer at our control post.

Q 2:What is the maximum amount of money that can be transferred to an inmate?
It depends on the amount of deposit; the maximum amount is $8000. (For example, in principle $3000 could be saved in an inmates’ bank account and then $5000 can be remitted again).

Q 3:How to search the archives catalogues?
Please check it out from the website of National Archives Administration http://www.archives.gov.tw.

Q 4:Which institution is in charge of the joint purchase bidding for inmates’ secondary foods next time? When? Where and what are notices of bidding?
I am the official of Taiwan Mingde Open Prison. My name is Jhang, Jian-dao. I take charge of the purchases of inmates’ secondary foods. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Justice, the way to purchase inmates’ secondary food is via a regional joint bidding. At present, in the southern Taiwan, there are 4 institutions including Taiwan Tainan Prison, Taiwan Tainan Detention Center, Taiwan Mingde Open Prison, and Tainan Juvenile Detention Center. They take turns to hold an open bidding. There is one time every half a year. From January to June of 2006, Taiwan Tainan Prison already held it once; from July to December Taiwan Tainan Detention Center holds it once; from January to June of 2007, Taiwan Mingde Open Prison will hold once an open bidding.
Time: Sometime between November and December, 2006
Location: Taiwan Mingde Open Prison
Address: No.1, Mingde Hill, Yufong Village, Shanshang Township, Tainan County 743, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel.: (06) 578-2319
About the notices of bidding, the exact time will be posted on the website of Taiwan Mingde Open Prison before the meeting. We welcome any bidder who is interested to download the relevant information from our website. If you have any question, please phone us. We would be glad to welcome you to attend the bidders’ meeting..

Q 5:How to apply for a home visit when inmates’ family members pass away?
When an inmate’s family member passes away, he or she can apply for a home visit. The applicant should bring an ID card, a stamp and the following documents:
(1) Certificate of death
(2) Household registry (to prove the relationship between the inmate and the deceased)
You also can come in person to our prison and register a home visit. (The above-mentioned information can be found in the column of our website ‘Public Service.’).

Q 6:Can an inmate apply for a home visit when a severe accident has happened to his or her parents?
When an inmate’ parents are very ill in the hospital, facing a threat to life, he or she needs to visit them urgently. Please prepare the following certificates:
(1) The hospital where his or her parents stay issues the inmate a certificate of diagnosis and a notice of life-threat.
(2) The household registry of the inmate which can prove the relationship between the inmate and the patient in the hospital.
Before you come to our prison to apply for a home visit for an inmate, please register the application for a home visit in the Ministry of Justice for permission. (The above-mentioned information can be found in the column of our website ‘Public Service.’).

Q 7:The bidder, the factory, completes the construction projects. There is no problem found in the inspection by the prison. How should the factory refund its deposit from the prison?
The factory can come to the prison to refund deposit. The applicant, the factory, must hand in the application form, the receipts sealed with the stamps of the company’s and bring a responsible person to complete the refunding procedures.

Q 8:How to register for a visit in your prison?
(1) Any institution or group should mail us for application, please write down:
      a. Visit’s purpose
      b. exact visiting day and time
      c. the institution’s name
      d. the name, post and phone number of the leader
      e. a list of visitors
      The above-mentioned must be authorized by the institution. Then there will be a further contact to arrange the visit:
(2) For visitors, please read the regulations of Article 6 of Enforcement Rules of Law of Execution in Prison (Please check it out in the website of our prison.).

Q 9:How to apply for the neighbor caring and community service?
The service involves 3 aspects:
(1) Assisting local construction. After every local institution hands in its application, the prison reports it to the Ministry of Justice. Then it can start to implement the plan.
(2) Task of cleaning or of better-environment activities of the nearby communities, parks, schools, common social welfare institutions, roads and other public facilities adopted by our prison are among the constant tasks. Our prison should contact with them actively.
(3) When a natural disaster happens nearby, the prison should actively contact the local authorities. Thus the prison can dispatch service team to help out in disaster relief and recoveries. This should be reported to the related department for its records.

Q 10:What are the procedures whereby a factory gets refunds from the prison?
If the refunding is below $10,000-, the prison pays in cash from its allowance. If it is more than $10,000-, the disbursement office will mail a treasury check. If the factory provides its bank account number and the name of the account, we can transfer the money to the account of the factory.

Q 11:The prison holds an on-line bidding: what are the procedures for factories to bid?
Any interested factory can dispatch its representative to come to our prison to require a bidding letter or to mail us with a return-address envelope and then we mail the factory a bidding letter. Besides, our prison already started to handle a centralized operation via electronic purchase. Any interested factories can go to our webpage and bid on-line as well.

Q 12:How can inmates’ family know whether inmates receive their letters?
Please phone us and ask about it. You simply tell our mail official the date which you mailed your letter or the number of your registered mail. Then you will find out whether the inmate received the letter or not.

Q 13:What is the procedure to request official documents from every institution?
Please tell our mail official the file you are looking for. Our official can help you to the notebook of received and dispatched documents as well as electronic official documents.

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