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About 'Questions and Answers' for the investigation classification tasks

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  • Last updated:2018-12-26
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Q 1:What is the purpose of so-called ‘investigation and classification?
The task of investigation and classification includes the following 3 aspects:
1. In-prison investigation includes direct investigation, indirect investigation, psychological tests, combined interpretation;
2. Second and repeat investigations;
3. Out-of-prison investigations
The purpose of investigation and classification is to fully understand all relevant information of our inmates for the reference of every kind of rehabilitation and treatment.

Q 2:How long does your prison investigate your inmates?
By rule of law, it shall not be more than 2 months. Normally our prison finishes the procedure of investigation and classification within one month.

Q 3:What is the purpose of the Family Investigation Form mailed from your prison? Does the content of the form affect the implementation of inmates’ imprisonment?
The current Family Investigation Form helps us, through inmates’ family members, to obtain more understanding of inmates’ personalities, physical and mental conditions, family conditions, living environment, experiences and so on. We hope to improve on or confirm with the personal information from our inmates. If you can fill out the form according to the facts, this is a great help in the task of inmates’ imprisonment. We guarantee that this form does no harm to our inmates.

Q 4:Could you give a general introduction to inmates’ employment based on the information posted on your prison’s website?
After inmates leave the prison, they return to live in society again. They often bear their former criminal records so they are often turned down when they look for jobs. Gradually they might change their mind -- not to become a better person. Therefore, our prison establishes a job website for our inmates. It is a website exclusively for our inmates. It is called ‘Job Seekers Area.’ The website content is also for the reference of all employers or companies which look for employees. They can also check the ‘Exclusive Website of Taiwan Mingde Open Prison.’ They can have on-line personal information about our inmates who are job seekers. If you would like to know more details about employment, please dial (06) 578-3574 and contact the investigator, Yang, who can offer you service.

Q 5:What is ‘Life-enhancing?’ What institution is ‘Life-enhancing Association?
‘Life-enhancing’ focuses on the inmates who leave the prison or those who previously received a judicial penalty. It is meant to provide proper protection and counseling and helps them to make a living on their own after coming back into society. Thus they will not commit any crime again. Furthermore, the system of social peace could be better maintained.

Q 6:After leaving the prison, how can inmates apply for small business loans?
The inmates qualified according to Article 2 of Aftercare Protection Laws are those who need protection but lack capital to start a business. They should look for 2 people at least with considerable amount of capital or 2 people who are honest as joint guarantors. They should hand in the following documents when applying a small loan:
1. Application form
2. The original household registry or a copy of household registry
3. Certificate of ID under Protection
4. Business proposal
5. Guarantee Certificate
In the application for the loan, the applicant under protection or the 3rd person may like to provide similar-value real estate as the foundation for the pledge. In this case, the applicant does not need to seek for joint guarantees.

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