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General Affairs Division

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How institutions or groups can register to visit "Mingde Open Prison"
  Ratified by the Ministry of Justice, our prison is designed to be open to the public, based on Article 6 of the Enforcement Rules of Law of Execution in Prison. Applicants are permitted to visit our prison for academic study or other cogent reasons. Normally, males visit male prisons and females visit female prisons. Nevertheless, when any applicant has a special reason, he or she can ask for permission from our superintendent in exceptional cases. While visiting our prison, we arrange a staff to guide, to explain and to keep a record of the names of a visitor or the name, profession, address, and date as well as the purpose of a visiting institution or group. Visitors must be properly dressed and keep quiet. Without the permission of the superintendent, visitors are not allowed to take photographs. In addition, they are not allowed to talk to inmates or deliver goods to them. Minors, drunkards and ill patients are not allowed to visit our prison. Foreigners or people without any nationality who apply to visit our prison need the permission of supervisory authorities.
  Relevant units may like to see and know more of what has been done in regard to the reform and progress of prison administration. We welcome your contact and application. Please notify us of the date you would like to visit our prison in advance so that our inmates will not be upset. We accept applicants visiting our prison during office hours. Please mail us to explain the following details: 1. What is your visit purpose? 2. What day and what time would you like to visit our prison? 3. What is the name of your institution? 4. Who is your guide? What is his or her position? What is his or her contact phone number? 5. Who else will visit our prison? Please list the names, posts, and addresses. Please pay attention to the above-mentioned law and regulations and mail us one week before your visit. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you very much for cooperation.
Our Prison's Add :
No. 1, Mingde Castle, Yufong Hill, Shanshang Hsiang, Tainan County.
Contact Phone No :
General Affairs Division
Vice Superintendent
E-mail address:
General Affairs Division
Vice Superintendent
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Public Service Manual
To offer more public service, in the “Reception Room” we prepare ATM, a drinking fountain, and a vending machine as well as books and magazines on the bookshelves and a digital introduction to our prison and other ‘multifunctional’ public services. We also edit and publish the latest version of ‘Public Service Manual (2002).’ It is offered free in the Reception Room. The size of the manual is 11*15 cms. It has 22 pages, colour-printed. The content includes:
1. Purpose of this manual.
2. Explaining who are the accepted inmates.
3. Introduction to the policies of ‘shortening penalty sentence’ and ‘parole’ of inmates.
4. Explaining the regulations for a family visit and ‘staying together with inmates’.
5. How does an inmate apply for a ‘home visit?’ Relevant transport timetable for a ‘a home visit’.
6. Regulations for ‘home-funeral leave’.
7. Regulations about inmates' meetings with family and correspondence.
8. Regulations about sending (mailing) goods, foods or commission-sale objects, as well as money transfers.
9. Regulations concerning family's application for certificates.
10. Introduction to relevant different treatments for different inmates.
11. Regulations of handling temporarily-preserved objects for inmates' families.
12. Regarding the completion of inmates’ imprisonment and parole.
13. Our Prison's Add, Phone No, e-mail address and website.
14. The map and routes to visit our prison
15. ‘Blank Memos.’
We welcome your request for this Public Service Manual. Please mail us your request (enclose a stamped and addressed envelope). We will provide this for free.  
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