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Zoo Area

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Zoo Area

The mountain area surrounding our prison has a tranquil environment and pleasant landscape. When people from all fields come to visit our prison to understand administrative matters and facilities, they can also see the environment in which each team works. The Zoo Park is an environment area for animal husbandry and breeding. We welcome people from all fields to come to take a look at the animal world

horse and Crocodile rabbit and Sika Deer Formosan Wild Boar and goat golden chicken and duck bird and horse

goat zone
goat zone 排版用
1. Goats were domesticated by human beings between 8,000 and 9,000 years ago. Their functions were for human beings are to use their meat, milk, leather and wool.
2. Their quick and strong action leads to their attacking nature. They have enormous impact on ecology.
3. They are herbivorous animals. Our Zoo Park supplies bran, oatmeal, grain-shaped fodder, clover grains, dried grass and wheat grass. Different types of goats have different colours. Some of them have horns; some of them do not have horns.
rabbit zone
rabbit zone 排版用
1. Rabbit fur is soft and thick. The colour of the fur of their back is a mixture of black and brown; that of their belly and of internal part is camel; that of the end of their ears, their throat, and the upper half of their tails is darker; that of their back of the neck is grey yellow; that of the lower half of their tails is cream. Their rear legs are long and strong. They are herbivorous animals.
2. Domestic rabbits’ first excrement is wet. Next, they will eat the first excrement without chewing it and absorb protein and vitamin in which the excrement is rich. Then, they will excrete dry excrement which cannot be used any more.
mingde chicken zone
mingde chicken zone 排版用
1. These Mingde chicken’s size is larger than that of the native chicken. Their feathers are mainly black. Some part of feather is red colour which is much darker than that of the native chicken. Their shanks are most of time black and have some yellow, white or green elements.
2. This type of chicken is an improved variety or species (created by cross-breeding). So fodder efficiency and the egg-producing rate are excellent. But it takes longer for them to be mature. Their meat is not as good as that of local chickens. From their motley feathers, yellow shanks and short and small cockscombs, customers can easily distinguish Mingde chicken from local chicken. They are called as ‘simulated native chicken.’

skia deer zone
skia deer zone 排版用
1. Sika deer are Taiwan’s special variety. Among three types of deer in Taiwan, Sika deer is an animal of medium size.
2. Fur ranges from brown to red brown. The back and bodily profile are full of 7 to 8 rows of white mottles. The centre of the back has a black wide stripe. The belly, internal part of limbs and lower tail are white. The buttocks have an obvious large white patch. The male deer’s horn has 2 to 5 spears and the horn’s length is around 300 to 660mm. Female deer do not have any horns. Annually, in May and June, the male deer’s horns are shed.
formosan wild boar zone
formosan wild boar zone 排版用
1. Formosan wild boars are night animals but can also be active in the early morning. They are animals which eat all sorts of food, but mainly plants. They often eat young leaves, root tubers, berries and farm products.
2. Formosan wild boars like to eat trees’ or Japanese silvergrass roots. So very often on the ground are large areas of digging traces.
3. Female wild boars like to form group with their young offspring. Male wild boars like to act on their own but will find female wild boars in the mating seasons.

bird park zone
bird park zone 排版用
1. Ring-necked pheasants are Taiwan’s special variety. Their notable appearance feature is that a white neck ring is seen at the front of the neck and has an around-three-centimeter broken part. They are at present rare birds.
2. Ring-necked pheasants are grassland dwellers. They often rest in lands of thatches, sugarcanes or potatoes. The feet are strong and good for fast walking. Their flying is energetic, but they cannot fly very far. When encountering a dangerous situation, they will immediately fly upwards at the spot and then escape. In the breeding period during the spring, male pheasants make clear sounds to sending signals when the dawn breaks.
red cow zone
red cow zone 排版用
1. Both wild and domestic cows often rest in spacious forestry land. They are daytime animals and often in groups. The group is often composed of one male bull, several female cows and their calves.
2. Cows were domesticated by human beings around 8,000 years ago. They are bred to supply human beings with meat, milk and leather.
3. They are herbivorous animals. They eat grass, leaves or acorns.
4. The Dutch milk cow’s milk is perfectly suitable for drinking directly. That is why I will immediately think about black-and-white Dutch milk cow when people mention milk cows.

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