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Detention Situations

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Announcements of Activities and Living Conditions of Inmates

Here will introduce In-Prison Activities and Living Conditions of Our Inmates. it includes leisure activities. selection terms, work conditions and all other aspects of work anf Living conditions. We welcome your questions or enquiries. We will sincerely appreciate any suggestions or comments.


Activities of Inmates

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In addition that our inmates can go to work in different divisions during day time. The arrangement for evening leisure is very humane: watching TV, drinking tea, chatting, and singing Karaoke. Wee particularly set aside a smoking area. The Rehabilitation and Education Section also often holds all kinds of activities such as culture and education offered by various religious groups, performances by social groups, writing competitions, Chinese chess competitions and soon. There are many interesting activities.


Living Conditions of Inmates

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Our inmates have good-quality living conditions. Our inmates should be selected from all other prisons. They are qualified in all regulations. After entering Our prison, Our inmates can apply for a home visit to stay with their families or relatives. Also, there are ways to shorten their prison sentences. They also can apply for meetings with their families. There are many main and side cooked dishes prepared. Moreover, there are all sorts of activities. They receive better treatment than those inordinary prisons.


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