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The Use and Current Conditions of Land Development

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  • Last updated:2018-11-09
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1. In our current land development, we divide the land into several areas based on the features of soil, traffic, climate, land level and the special needs of the prison: Fruit Trees Area, Vegetables Area, Animal and Husbandry Area, Poultry Farming Area, Forest-Creating Area, Strengthening Protection and Cultivation Area, Farming Pond and Sea Farming Area, Water-Reserve and Water-Filtering Area as well as Administration Area (including the 1st and 2nd bases), Family-Visiting Dormitory Area and so on. The details are as follows.

The current situation of land development

2. All of our prison's land is sloping. The present developing and facilitating situations are as follows:
     (1)The developed area for plantation is 65.6511 hectares, including 59.5900 hectares for growing mango trees, 3.7036 hectares for vegetables, 2 hectares for mahogany, 0.0047 hectare for tree seeds.
     (2)The undeveloped area is 153.2101 hectares.
     (3)The developed water-reserving area is 60 hectares. So far, the finished work items are 2458.4 square meters for a loading and unloading hole; 4615 square meters for graded aggregate; 140 horizontal drainage; 5449 meters for drainage trench; 71 water-falling stations, 9 small-sized irrigating stations; 11 reservoirs; 4890 square meters; 4890 square meters for connecting-road turf; 15 hectares of hillside turf; 1401 square meters for 2-sided drainage trench turf; 641-meter roadside drain; 19 stations for controlling sliding drains; 2633-meter connecting-road and 5444.37 square meters of concrete surface of the roads, etc. The total area for plantation is 30 hectares.
     (4)The area for animal and husbandry management is 99.6714 hectares (including 7.1224 hectares for animal and husbandry area; 92.5490 hectares for grazing and turf area). At present, we have 3 sheep houses where we raise 12 sheep, 1 deer house where we raise 6 deer, 1 cow shed, 4 henneries with 10,000 chickens. We also have lands for creating a forest, for strengthening protection and Cultivation land and for other buildings. Our entire land planning is actively developed based on the overall planning report of the former Taiwan Water and Soil Conservation Bureau.
     (5)Forest-Creating Area: Within our region, the 5th-level land belongs to the forest-creating area. Its area is 160.4179 hectares. Before we took over the region, there were plantation woods for cultivating golden wattles, silver acacia, longans, mangifera indica, and mahogany. Apart from 0.4-hector mahogany wood, the rest of the cultivation does not provide much economic value. However, they have played an important role in maintaining the water and soil. Still there are sliding drains in the wood of silver acacia. So, after we established the prison, we change to yearly cultivate more mahogany which provides more economic value. At present we have 78,474 mahogany trees. Balancing the economic value and water-and-soil maintenance, we create a 61.2534-hector forest.
     (6)Strengthening Protection and Cultivation Area: The size of the 6th-level land within our prison is 95.2137 hectares. All of it belongs to the Strengthening Protection and Cultivation Area. Within the developed region, we have done something to stabilize the slope in the Strengthening Protection and Cultivation Area. Besides, going one step further, we have also grown green grass to beautify the area.
     (7)Water-Reserve and Water-Filtering Area: The size of this area is 0.9722 hector. One is situated in the southern part of the 1st base; the other is situated at the back of the 2nd base. Both have the simple tap-water facilities which serve the function of filtering the reserved water.
     (8)Base Area: It is divided into a 1st and 2nd base. The 1st base has the size of 4.5977 hectares. The simple-design offices and inmate wards are built from steel and rock. In the 2nd base, there are buildings with strengthened bricks. Its size is 15.1674 hectares, classified as the 4th-level land. In the land planning of these 2 bases, we enlarge the sizes of both green lawns so as to broaden the visions of our officials and to make the environment appear more beautiful.
     (9)Family-Visiting Dormitory Area: The land which is in the south side of the 2nd base of our prison has the size of 9.3602 hectares, classified as 4th level land. We built wards for well-behaved inmates who would like to stay with their family members for some days. During these days, they can enjoy a cozy family life. Furthermore, they could be motivated to improve themselves to become a better person. The environment of our prison is excellent because the buildings are situated on the top of the hills. There are good views. And the air is fresh. The environment around is magnificent, which is good to our inmates to broaden their minds. It is helpful that our inmates can cultivate themselves to develop good characters in such a natural environment.


3. Our prison grounds are spacious. Most of the land is undeveloped. In order to make good use of the land, we actively engage in land planning. We manage an annual schedule to carry out our land planning in 4 aspects: building roads, water and soil maintenance, agricultural management and in-prison factory development. We would implement the development as our priority with regard to a concept to balance development with the ecological system. Thus we follow a reasonable sequence to construct and to develop so that we will not damage the production sustainability of the land. During our development, we rely on financial support and the labour and personnel of our prison to help us to complete it. We sincerely welcome any interested entrepreneurs in society to contact us about the development of the prison. Please contact the Business Section of our prison. Indeed, we expect very much to find ways to make proper use of our available labour and land. We can cooperate, manage business or invest to run business with others. Meanwhile, we can offer good skill training programmes and job opportunities for our inmates who are to leave the prison.

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